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Welcome! One Share at a Time is a website that is designed to work as a sidekick with your online brokerage account, and it can help you make more informed investment decisions. It combines education, advanced market data, and personalized tools with the goal of giving more control and empowerment to individual investors. Our purpose is simple: Allow anyone to take full advantage of commission-free trading by helping them build a diversified, strategy-driven portfolio over time!

How it Works

Educational Material

Learn market basics and beyond.

Our articles act as a continuous reference so that anyone can get a better understanding of how the market works, and how it can potentially work for them.

Getting Started

Learn some of the basics of long-term & strategy-driven investing.

Comparing Terms

Take a further look at basic market lingo and how different ideas compare.

Bubbles & Crashes

Learn from historic market crashes so you can potentially avoid the next one.

Reading Market Data

We offer an abundant amount of data. This can help you interpret it.

Sectors & Industries

Explore the different sectors and industries of the market, and see what they can offer.

ETF Warrior

Learn how ETFs can make building a portfolio a lot

Choose a Strategy

The days of investing without a goal in mind are over. Choose from one of our examples or build it from scratch. This can help you diversify between US stocks, international stocks, and bond ETFs.

Screen Investing Options

Search by symbol or category.

It has never been so easy to sort through thousands of investment opportunities and choose exactly what you want exposure to.

Examine Advanced Market Data

Take a look at advanced market data and get a better picture of the security before you buy.

Straightforward calculations and ratios can help you gauge the financial health of a stock.

Track Your Portfolio

Input your holdings as you buy and sell.

See how they are diversified based on 7 different categories and balance your portfolio to meet your goals.

It completely changed how I was using my investing app. The difference was night and day!

Kate Lewis, Beginner

Getting Started

This first chapter of articles can be accessed here. It is absolutely free and designed to teach some of the basics of investing.

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